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Some help for a UK Stem activity ... Parkflying Balsa chukkas

Having at my disposal a lasercutter and 3D printer I wondered I have been searching for plans or instructables for quick to build and fly chukka gliders. Im planning an afternoon outdoor , in the UK sunshine, event for a mixed age collection of makers/builders/STEM individuals. Usually they gather indoors and work on code and crafting and there own projects. What I thought would be fun would be to gather for an hour to build some balsa chukkas and then head out to the park to throw them about.

Im thinking about things that are by nature small in scale and where we can avoid using glue in preference for slip fit and tape hold and possible 3d printing slides and holders if required.

In this my google foo been succesful as much of the conversation around laser cutters and paper/balsa planes is too far off my target.

hence I came to the FT community so see if anyone has any links, ideas, thoughts, orhelp .


Nik ( HackHorsham ) Butler


Illegal Squid Fighting?
if you wind up needing glue, I would highly recommend Titebond II over CA for toxicity and price reasons. it also is fairly quick drying, and easily applied. but you likely already know this.