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Some interesting flying toys.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM

I have had an X-zyLO Ultra for several years now but did not know that these guys made so many other flying things. Of particular interest is this which looks like a candidate for Air Cannon Launch:

Will be 55 years old next Saturday and some of these STILL appeal to me. :p



Dedicated foam bender
I think I still have an x-zylo somewhere around here. Very cool the way they fly!
The hang glider looks like a prime solution for the air cannon! Where's Teach?


More combat please...
I'm checking it out....

I wonder how Jack feels about being fired out of a cannon.
Do it.
But I'm thinking these would be excellent from a bomb dropper. Ever since I retired the SuperCub my mind has been stuck on dropping bombs. I think the CTH Albatross may need a little work...