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Some surface FPV for your viewing pleasure!


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Truck is a King Kong RC CA-10. Stock drive axle was replaced a long time ago with a LESU 1/14 semi truck axle after I broke the diff a second time. Power comes from a Castle Creations 5700kV 4-pole 540-sized brushless motor running in SmartSense mode off a Castle Mamba Micro X Crawler Edition. ~32.1 gear reduction between rotor and rear tires, open diff. Truck weighs something like 12-15 pounds(Need to put it on a scale to find out for sure) and really doesn't care much about a little mud. Just powers on through!

Video gear? My first foray into FPV was a $20 800tvl camera/600mW VTx combo from Amazon and a $25 receiver. I now have a set of Eachine EV800d goggles, which is how I DVR'd this. Camera is rigidly mounted to the seat roughly where the driver's head would otherwise be. Using RCHP cloverleaf antenna on the truck, with everything safely tucked away inside the cab, while the gogs use the round omni and patch that EV800d gogs come with. I'm taking power right off the truck's ESC to run the camera and VTx, which is pretty much a direct line to the two 2s 5000mAh 50c hardcase lipos under the bed, which I have parallel'd up for increased current/capacity rather than for increase voltage.

Truck's super fun to drive, especially FPV, and it's my test bed/learning platform for FPV. I'm quite impressed with the video quality of a cheap(Effectively $10) 1/3 inch boardcam!

Oh, and FOV is ~120º. I can't stand fisheyed picture so I'm never going to run anything more than 130, maayyyyybe 140, in any of my FPV'd rigs.


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That worked well and loks like fun. Need ta see mud slinging off the tires.

A little advise from an fpv person...I would add a capacitor to the power feed for your video system before them surges take out your whole system.


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I had a 1000mfd electrolytic across the JST power connector going to the VTx, but it bounced out at some point. Never did solder it in properly. I have more in my parts stash, I just need to un-lazy enough to install one :ROFLMAO:. Gotta find one of those elusive Round Tuits, yanno?

And yeah, it's an absolute blast. So much more immersive to drive from on-board, and even a slow scale truck feels like a rocketship when you've got the perspective of the driver in the cab! Needless to say I'm planning on FPVing every single RC I own that can actually carry a cam and VTx.

The view from my Mad Crusher GP is gonna be something else for sure. Big, stompy live axle 1/8 MT with a huge big-block nitro mill and a three-speed gearbox...mmmmm. Nitro stuff's gonna be interested to rig cameras to, though, because they have a 4khz-35khz vibration inherent from the engine itself running that has to get isolated out somehow to avoid jellofaction of the resulting picture. I'll figure it out though. Might start hoovering up old portable CD players on Amazon for their isolation grommets...


Wake up! Time to fly!
Just get a set of silicone bobbins to mount the rig on.

I realky need to get back on my franken truck. Have to hand grind out cracked nylon ball joints in the aluminum A arms and put in the stainless ones.

I run an OFNA 2.8 @ 3hp with a 3 speed trans in mine.

I do have a physical "round tuit" from Lanes Planes. It doesnt help get things done but its pretty cool way to get your name out hehe.