Someone to help me choosing a transmitter for the FT Mighty Mini Sparrow ?


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Hi guys,
(as im french im sorry if my sentences looks weird)

I've recently bought a ft mini sparrow and i was wondering what was the best and cheapest transmitter to buy:confused:.


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hi ....
this has served me well for the past 3 years...


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it doesn't much matter which reliable tx you get, all will work just fine. what will matter with little birds is weight, so a small rx and servos should be used.

also do consider that if you're going to build/buy more r/c vehicles, or increase your flight stable, particularly if you buy some that come with an rx, radio protocol can be a issue. a multi-protocol radio might be a consideration, and if so (or even if not!) i recommend the jumper t8sg tx. it's cheap, to boot! i have two!


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One thing you also need to keep in mind is that Europe in general has very different regulations for radio gear specifically in the power department. Make sure the gear you get is rated for EU and not the USA as you could find yourself facing fines or what ever punishments the laws there have set up.

I know Taranis gear have specific units for EU and USA so I assume The Spectrum or Turnigy gear people are / will be suggesting will as well.


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Salut jibay!

There are a few of us who put together some thoughts on the more popular transmitters. Here is a link to that thread. It should help you make an informed decision. The Jumper is in there too.

Also, it would be nice to know more about you. Where in the world will you be flying? France? How did you come to the hobby? Do you have friends or family who will sahre the hobby with you?

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Hi Jim,

As you already know i'm new in this hobby since i discovered it on youtube about 2 weeks ago. Because im french i'll obviously fly in france more precisely in Reims my hometown. Right now i dont share the hobby with anyone.

So i decided to finally go for the Spektrum Dxe because it has all the features i need.
-6-9 channels
-delta wing
-servo reversing
-quite cheap (about 60$)

(once again im sorry for my poor english level)
Thank you for all your help guys,