Sony Super Board Camera Black and White video


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I'm not sure if this is the right forum or maybe the electric multirotors one buy my issue with Sony Super HAD CCD 600TVL IR Block that I use for FPV. I recently lost the lens that came with it while flying in the air.

I purchased three new ones
Neewer® CCTV Security Camera Lens (3.6mm)
Board Security Cctv Camera Lens with 2.6 Mm Focal Length
1/3" CCTV 2.8mm Lens Black for CCD Security Box Camera

This issue I'm having and I only tried one new lens I think either 3.6 or 2.8 (There not labeled....), is after flying for a while the video feed goes black and white. Everything else is perfect except I loose all color. Odd thing is that is color seems to come back when I land or go up fairly high. Not sure what is causing the issue...

Any Help? Thanks


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Hey Greg, I run a few of those cameras and all of them came stock with the color or b/w settings to auto. So basically when the camera deems the lighting to low, it switches to black and white mode. If you haven't changed any of the camera settings yet, I would put my money on that being the culprit. My cameras always came with a little programming board you can change the settings with.

Also for the lenses, the smaller the mm the bigger the actual lens. Should help you identify which, one is which.

Hope this helps.


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Hey Flat4,

way late response but... That seems like it would be the culprit for the back and white video. It's just odd that it happened after one of my crashes and I never noticed it before. Unfortunately I damage the port that lets me adjust the settings so I will have to get a new one if I want to adjust the settings.

and thanks for the tips about the lens sizes:D