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SP racing f3 evo or kiss fc?

You should make a list of the features each of them have, decide which ones matter and rank them. That should help determine which one fits your needs more.


Gravity Tester
If you have KISS 24a ESCS then i would recommend the KISS FC so you can use the telemetry data from the ESCs. Otherwise I would suggest getting the SP racing board and running Betaflight on it. KISS FC may arguably fly better than Betaflight, but it is a lot harder to fully tune and has less features, which you may or may not see as a benefit. KISS FC will make for a cleaner build and has a built in BEC so you can power the FC straight from the battery. SP racing has wire harnesses and no BEC. Both support Spektrum sats, although the latest KISS FC firmware (RC29) has a bug with them.