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Spare Parts for HK Planes...Where are they?

Unless I am missing it somewhere...I don't see any options to purchase spare parts for their planes. This has been preventing me from purchasing a plane from HK. I have a few planes from Parkzone & Hangar 9 (Horizon Hobby) and Great Planes (Tower Hobbies) which offer a full line of sapre parts for their planes. It is inevitable that you will need spare parts at some point or another. Anyone else feel this way?
I could not agree more.
One of the things I look for before I buy a new plane is parts availability. I know I can buy batteries motors etc with ease, but if I cant buy a new wing or cowl and or they are not available as much as I would like. I just may pass on it. However I thik one of the interesting parts of this hobby is coming up with ways to repair rather than replace