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special esc for edf jets?

Hey all,
i bought an edf F22 jet, 70mm edf. It doesnt come with any electronics. I already purchased the servos, but i need to know what esc to get! I plan on running 4s lipo for now, but in the future i plan to upgrade to 6s. So i guess for now i need an esc that can handle 4s lipo on 70mm edf. Do i need a plush esc or what? How many amps? I found 2 esc's i like the specs on, one is a PLUSH 60amp esc, and it says it can handle 22v.... does that mean 6s will work? Then i found another that is 100 amps, not plush, handles 6s lipo, with cutoffs. heres the link to the 100a one, i think itll be a better option, unless it has to be plush or something: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__24565__HobbyKing_100A_ESC_4A_UBEC.html
The 100z one is only $4 more than the 60a one, so id rather do this one if possible and if it will fit the 70mm edf jet application. if not, what would work? on 4s and 6s? Thanks!
hmm.... for now, for a while itll be a 5 blade fan. motor... itll be a 2800kv, and for now run on 4s lipo only. when i go 6s, ill get a new motor too. i want to buy that esc that i linked. will it work?


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Some large ESCs are intended for either low kv motors or high kv motors. It's hard to tell with the one you linked, in spite of having three timing settings, which type of motors it can handle. I can see one review on there that suggests it could work with high kv motors, but there's no way of knowing whether it is an honest review. Run the name of the ESC through RC Groups' search engine and see what you can find...

My personal preference when it comes to high amp and high Voltage applications is to have a separate UBEC. It'll keep your ESC much cooler and I've never heard of a UBEC failing. Ever.
I was considering that too, I could purchase one and use it separately with that esc right? That esc provides 4 amps bec if i rememerb correctly at 5.5v, and the servoes for this plane are rather small. They are little hxt900s i beleive. 5 of them. for now, i may add 1 or two more. On the bottom of my jet where the esc is to be mounted, there is a vented hole for it, and i might put on a heatsinc. If i did, i dont think id have heat problems. The reviews also said it doesnt have heat problems as much. For now id be using 4s on it, so it would run even cooler on top of that. I just want it to be 6s ready, and when i upgrade battery and motor ill monitor temps and stats closely to make sure i dont have any crucial problems or unseen issues. If the kv motor i get first doesnt work well on 4s, il buy another, and ill try a few and compare for best results and battery combinations. Thanks! Any more ideas?