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Specialty workshop decorative light...LED or not?

I couldn't think of a better sub forum to put this in, so hopefully this will work.

So I've got a specialty workshop decorative light project (I will show you all once it's completed what it actually is) that I am unsure of the best approach for.

Basically the light has to run off a standard 110V outlet...I do not want to have to wire up something to use a lipo on or anything. I'd prefer it to also have a switch that I can turn it off and on. Also to have this light on a cord so I can run it to an outlet. That's the easy part of this...

Now the slightly more complicated part...well maybe)...

The light needs to be on the small side. Something like a small appliance light bulb, nightlight bulb, etc would work. If I went with LED (which in the end I would like as it's more efficient, bright, less heat, etc), I think I'd only need a 1 or 2 lights to accomplish what I want. The LED bars look cool, but I think that might be too much light for what I need. I had even pondered just gutting some old LED Christmas lights for this which may work too. Thoughts?