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Speed controllers and motors


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Ah...No from me too.

See my thread about my H quad issues.
Being your first build, I would not experiment. Get a proven design and set up.
There is lots to choose from.
Investing in a controller that is made for multi copter use, is the only way to go, IMHO.
I have 4 spare Plush 25's now though!


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the esc has to have a higher amperage then the max current draw of the motor. as pual said, go with a known formula that you know will work perfect.


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xibit1987: why exactly are you linking to your thread everywhere you can? we can all see it on the 'flite school' page. if you have more questions, then ask them. no need to be a shameless advertiser posting links to it in completely unrelated places.

seriously it's getting annoying.

I don't have any more questions. but he could use my thread with the information about ESC, motor and so on. So drop your negativity. I was trying to help the guy. If you read my thread, you will find out that i got the answer i need and i'm only using it as a reference post.
I didn't even link it in your topic about tricopter, i mentioned it, sorry i tried to help you by sharing information, won't happen again (with you atleast). An by the way, this is the FIRST link i post...!

Dude take a chill pill. He's building a tricopter for the first time, just like me, and there could be aspects of the build he might not have thought about.

In the near future when it's not at the first page, cross linking in posts can help others to get the information they need.

So pleas Tell me how this is "unrelated" as you stated, if you meant that i mentioned it in you topic, well i have calculated flight time for my own build and you could use that information and the information about motor and prop to see if that was what you were looking for ;). Next time if you have some thing unrelated to the topic to say, send a freaking PM! (PM, so we don't flood his topic)

@nighthawk39: Hope you got your answer, and sorry for the OT. But that guy must have a bad day.
I'm just reposting from that thing i can't say or link to: (Might piss off Zev ;) )
One thing i got confirmed that works together is:
HobbyKing 30A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller
NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30A 750kv / 140w
and some 1045 props

See the amps on the motor and ESC. From what i read on multiple sites, in general you would like to have a little more Amps on the ESC so it can take it if the motor Amp's spike. So a better ESC would be 35-40 Amps in my case.
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