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Speedfest 2017 Oklahoma State

Hey Guys!

I am part of speedfest at Oklahoma State University this year and I need your help!

For those of you that don't know what this is (probably all of you), it is a competition that OSU puts on every year for the senior design students to compete in. This year we made Delta wing aircraft that are capable of some pretty crazy flight envelopes. My teams plane can hit 160 mph and can also slow down to around 2 mph. This is all done using a Kingtech k45 jet engine and thrust vectoring. For those of you that build planes, you know that this task is no easy feat. The plane is completely our design and is made of carbon fiber, divinicell foam, and more carbon fiber on the inside. It is incredibly strong and versatile.

Here's where I need your help though. Part of the scoring of the competition this year is based on facebook likes on our demo video. If you have the time, please go to this link and give it a like! Its been a full semester of hard work and dedication and we would really appreciate it!

My team is the "2017 OSU Alpha Class Orange" Make sure you like the facebook post and not the youtube video or the vote will not count!!! Thanks!!!



Wake up! Time to fly!
Me thinks we want to see some video of this marvel before the votes are cast ;)

On the other hand I really don't know why everything is pushing to let social media be a part of the judging. That is such a fail of epic proportions. Yes it gets exposure to more people. Sadly it also is open to the internets vile hatred where kiddiots will vote with the intentions to screw things up when they see something they have no interest in. Then you also deal with the friends thing where people who may have a lot of followers will have them vote against their competition so they win by attrition not necessarily because they are they best.

In any case I wish you well as it sounds like you have come up with an incredible aircraft.
That's understandable to want to see it before you vote. The link I posted is actually a link to our demo video. You should check it out.

I fully agree with what you are saying about the social media aspect. Its a little ridiculous that its a huge part of the scoring for the competition.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Uhm.... I was asking for you to post it somewhere for us non facebookers. Sorry I don't always get my meanings across. I won't touch facebook with a leppers hands let alone my own. Still wish you best of luck and I will poke a few friends who do use it to toss a like your way if I can get them off their gamer pages hehe.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Nice run with that. Kind of late for the voting and all but that thing is pretty impressive at 150+ mph. :applause: