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spektruim issues

I have a dx6i transmitting to a 25 race quad with a cc3d and a spektrum AR610. the cc3d powers on but the receiver never powers on. i have tried to put a direct 5v. but the receiver never works. when i place voltage to it the light flickers than stops. i have tried putting other receiver on the craft but it still wont work. Any help or ideas would be nice thanks.
Take power directly from one of the ESC's into the Spektrum receiver. Does it power on? If not Do you ESC's have a BEC built into them?

If you plug one ESC directly into the throttle port of the Rx what happens?
If you plug a different Rx directly into the throttle port of the Rx, what happens?

Please remove your blades if you attempt this..


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obvious question just to get it out of the way . . .

Are you sure the RX is bound?

An unbound RX (or one that can't see the radio it thinks it's bound to) will do just as you describe -- flicker a light ever so briefly as it powers on, then the light stays dark until the link is reestablished.