Spektrum DSMX hack JR module for Taranis (openTX)


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These modules give you a genuine Spektrum DSMX/2 module in your taranis, no rebinding needed when changing models, 6ch.

I ordered the parts for a DSMX hack module which requires buying the circuit boards in triplicate... so I bought the components to build up all three, I've completely built up one with the Spektrum DM9 case and a dx5e TX module, the 2nd needs a case (about $13 shipped or get one 3d printed) and again has a dx5e TX module, the third is just the adapter and will need a case AND the module... if you are comfortable desoldering and have a DX4e, DX5e, or DX6i to pull the module from the third option may be for you.

- complete ready to go with dm9 case - $65
- module that only needs case - $50
- hack module; needs case, and TX - $20

all prices are shipped
all three modules have been tested to work; the two with RX modules installed have been tested and flown.

lastly, if you have a (working) DX4e, DX5e, or DX6i radio I'd be willing to do a partial trade.


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