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Spektrum DX6 DX7 DX9 DX18 Model Setups ? and Rare Birds


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DX9 model setup for UMX Pitts s-1s with AS3x

So, loving my DX6i I bought a DX6. Initial feelings are that it is brilliant BUT I was rather hoping that with the advertised Model Setup system I would be able to install setups for such 'RARE BIRDS' as:

Super Cub S,
Delta Ray
Sukhoi 29mm and
Nano QX

Nothing is listed for the DX6, but they tell me the DX9 setups will work. So... the only aircraft of the above that they LIST seems to be the Nano QX. I find this REALLY annoying as the AS3X equipped planes are, imho, the most tricky to set up correctly, with the three flight modes and SAFE.

Unless I am missing something... poor show Spektrum.

Can anyone help with setup files ???

I am looking for a DX9 setup for a Pitts UMX s-1s with AS3X. Can anyone assist?
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All you need is a basic Acro setup. the Pitts has nothing special to set up. I have flown it on a DX4e DX6i and DX6. Just set you DR according to the manual, which is I think is just 100% and 70%.

I have my rates set up on a 3 pos switch and I use 100/90/80 with 25% expo. On the rudder I use 100/100/80 so I can dial down ailerons but still keep full range on rudder for knife edge training.

There is a program for the UMX Gee Bee R2, it should be the same as the Pitts uses.
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Guys this is SOOOO EASY! Go to this website:


Go to this
View attachment 40234
(which I circled in red blue and yellow) find the setup on there you need and download then put it in your DX6. I have the DX6 and it is easy as pie.
Just went their. All four horizon hobby planes I have ,, They don't have on that list. Delta Ray, Stratocam,, Conscendo and Apprentice 15e. So, not so easy huh?

I am looking for a DX9 setup for a Pitts UMX s-1s with AS3X. Can anyone assist?
It's very sad when you over 2,000 dollars on Horrizon Hobby planes all in one summer. Then you buy a DX6E and you can only program one of your planes to it with no setups found for any of the popular one on spektrum's site. Including a few is Delta Ray, Conscendo which I manually programmed with luck, Stratocam, and Apprentice 15e. None of which or on their site. Their product their planes!!!!!!!!!!!! It should work and not be so hard.


Posted a thousand or more times
All SAFE planes have the same setup. The Sport Cub S has a great instructions on how to setup for the DX6, that can be used for the Conscendo S, Apprentice, Delta Ray, ect. Really these setups for Horizon planes are fairly useless. You can copy model to model. I use the sport cub S setup for my Delta Ray and my Conscendo. The same thing works on the Corsair S. They are all the same.