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Spektrum DX6 Power plug.

Hiya all,

Not a real problem, but can anyone tell me the name of the little white connector that the battery connects too in the DX6. It's the one that's hard to connect to. I ask because I'm trying to make a charging cable ( the Spektrum cable, SPM6834, ) is very difficult to track down.
I'm in the uk so don't really want to contact Horizon Hobby, as the shipping will be silly money, and that's even if they'd ship to this country with such a small part.

Hoping someone will know what the socket is

Many thanks


Elite member
Where are you located? Horizon Hobby have agents in many different countries to provide parts and their service is usually very good. The UK service centre has moved to Germany so isn’t as easy to get to for repairs as it used to be.
The part number you listed is very easy to find, it’s sold by Horizon Hobby in the UK or Wheelspin Models UK and via Horizon Hobby USA. Both places have stock.
Hiya both, many thanks for your efforts. Wheelspin models I have dealt with before, and yes, I've found the required lead, brilliant thank you, but what i've been looking for is the little white 2 pin connector that's on the end of the lead. It's also the one that sits in the DX6, and it's this connector that I'm looking for. Even a name for it would be a help.