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Spektrum RX swap to FrSky


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I've been hesitant to swap systems, but the Spektrum TX is getting to be a hassle to transport. The Taranis X-Lite looks to be a little more manageable. I imagine the swap out for the RX is the same for the Spektrum, or would it attach to a different port? I see the FrSky runs DC 3.5V – 10V - higher than the Spektrum 3.3v - I reckon I would feed it with 5v? What's the bind process like compared to the Spektrum Autobind?


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I have not been impressed with Frsky lately, I have had 2 R-XSR receivers that were junk and their move towards shutting their protocol off and canning older radio owners has not impressed me either.
I would look at the Jumper T16 if you want a new OpenTX radio, it supports DSMX and FRsky D16 plus runs crossfire out the box, you could just bind all your old Spektrum receivers to it. It is bigger tho.
Most FRsky receivers don’t have autobind and mismatching firmware is another common problem. I have given up buying any FRsky new products, I am using up old XM+ receivers or ACCST ones then when those stop being easy to get I will use aftermarket ones or get Crossfire. I run DSMX in my planes since a Lemon RX make such great micro receivers.
TBS have just released a new small radio if that’s what you want. I get what you are on about with big radios, mine goes in it’s big ass flight case everywhere, it’s cumbersome but safe that way.