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Spektrum Tech Tips


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Here is an amazing mod/hack/upgrade to your Spektrum Tx! Increase range on my old 6E by about 150%, cut my fades by 75% and solved an issue with Holds and AS3X recivers in my 8e. $10 for two antennas from Amazon (link in video). I'm using both on A and B ports on the daughter board but honestly, I don't think they actually started using both ports until the 9e for dual antenna. I'm just not seeing anything on the B channel during range test.
Now, I don't care much about aesthetics but you can 3D print a new antenna mount. There is one for the 9e on thingyverse linked in the video. I'm more concerned with a hold during landing the Eflite F16 than how it looks. :).
Check it out for a cheap and easy way to increase range and protect your investments!



Captain Video

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Good Morning:
I have a DX6e and i was having what seemed to be signal drop out. I opened up the back to see if the antenna wire was not connected properly. It was fine. I plan to do a range test but when I put it back together the switch in the back is now stuck in the middle. I am concerned about damaging it if I push it too hard. Any thoughts?