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Spitfire Ailerons


Senior Member
I'm in the process of finishing up a Spitfire built (i.e. linking the servos and hooking up the electronics.) I have a Turnigy 9X and I'm unsure of how the aileron servos connect. Channel 1 on the RX is listed as "aileron1" but I don't see anything that says "aileron2". Do you just use an AUX channel and mix?


Senior Member
Maybe you only need a Y-cable? If you didn't mount your servos for that to work, you could get a servo reverser (I guess you don't want to pry open a wing!). If so, or if you really want two channel ailerons for some other reason, you usually use one of the aux channels, yes. Check the settings on your radio if unsure which. I haven't used the 9X for a while but I'm sure someone else here has =).


creator of virtual planes
I have a cheaper radio than yours, but I usually mix the two ailerons together into two separate channels. It saves me the weight of a Y-connector. Not that those weigh very much, but every gram counts. And it's less wire to get tangled up.