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Splitting a 4S Balance Lead For Camera and Voltage Monitor


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Hi All,

I'm using a 4S to power my main FPV rig and need to figure out a clean way to split power from the balance lead to both a battery alarm and the main power supply for the on-board video Tx (which only takes 2S/3S).

Below is a pic of what I'm dealing with. What you see from left to right is a low voltage alarm, the 4S balance lead from the lipo, and the power supply for my on-board video Tx.

  • Monitor all four cells of the battery
  • Power the on-board video Tx using it's stock lead
  • Use a simple off the shelf solution

My gut reaction was to buy a 4S and 2S balance extension and solder/heat shrink them together to make the custom splitter, but I wanted to see if anyone knew of something that just plugged in clean and make the connection.

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