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sport cub S2

this is for the sport cub s2 pics and only s2 pics. i am probly going to buy this plane so send some advice.:) videos are welcome to.:cool:


Crashing Ace
whats your experience other than the champ that i know you've flown from other posts i would go for it. it had good characteristics when i flew it a while ago but im still getting the hang of it
hope this helps
-Airhawk :)


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Well, that is confusing, they just call it the "Sport Cub" on the website and the Sport Cub S says S2 on the tail.

Flitetest did an episode on this plane, did you check it out? It will be a big step up from the Champ and will be challenging. The smaller sport cub s may be a better choice for the next plane. It will give you four channel experience but will be quite docile in beginner mode. It can also take crashes pretty well.
Bought mine ABC(Already Been Crashed). It's a beautiful plane and a joy to fly. I just buddy-boxed a family member that had never touched a transmitter, with only two saves between take off and touch-down. It's a larger plane, though, and landings may not be super easy. It takes a hit well, but all planes are subject to death from a truly good tumble. Set some low rates and good expo, and take time on the landing.