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Spotter V2 FPV AIO Camera?


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All those AOI cameras are pretty similar. They work fine for the sort of thing you are doing. The cameras are not the best but great for dipping your toe in the FPV water without a complex set up. I use them on small stuff and ground vehicles.
I prefer using a separate BEC or similar voltage regulator to supply power for FPV, it smooths the power supply and eliminates any electrical “noise” from the motors or ESC.
Velcro is not a very good mount for cameras, it wobbles too much. Try using elastic bands to hold it in place, they are easy to move too.
I had picked this camera because of the voltage range, most of the other AIOs I came across were limited to 1 cell voltages.

I was hoping putting the inline tie in before the esc would prevent noise.

Thanks for the tip with the elastic bands


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Anywhere on the main battery cable will get noise to a degree, hence a separate filtered supply is better. Some people run off the balance lead of the battery.