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SPracingf3 evo vs KISS fc?

Looking to upgrade my flight controller on my qav210 and deciding between these 2.

What's your experience with them?
Also want to get a pdb osd, so like the spracingf3 osdpdb or the power osd pro 2.

Which one should I get?
You could get an all in one PDB/FC/OSD like the HGL RC V3.

The Tempest has excellent reviews and its a PDB/FC combo as well. But it doesn't have the OSD.

Best straight up flight controller is probably the HyperLite F4. It's an excellent board for $27.


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You might want to add the BrainFPV RE1 and mPB to the list to consider. They just released BetaFlight for it today. Gives you the option to run BetaFlight or dRonin. Really nice hardware and has an F4 processor...

The SPRF3 OSD/PDB is nice hardware, but the firmware is pretty limited at the moment. Just basic power monitoring. The field labels take up a bunch of space and I don't know if it would integrate with KISS.

The SPRF3 EVO has worked fine for me. (except when I hooked it up backwards and fried my first one) It has the MPU9250 accelerometer/gyro/compass connected via SPI. Some people have had the gyro glitch that affects the MPU6500. The 9250 is the same as the 6500 but with the addition of a compass. If you don't need the compass or barometer, you might want to consider a different board. They can add CPU load even when disabled. I'm using it with iNAV firmware which is a fork of cleanflight geared twords autonomous flight. Just had to add a GPS to have full navigation capabilities.

I have no experience with KISS yet.