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Stabiliser Incidence / Decalage and C of G

Hidden (?) in the Baby Blender v2 Build show is one of the few references in your content to tailplane/stabiliser incidence. Surely the relationship between incidence (decalage?) and CofG would be worth an in-depth explanation. My ignorance of this matter has caused me difficulties, with a couple of crashes, usually when trying to roll too low, and aeroplanes (flying wings) that lose 30ft by the time they emerge from a roll.

Plus... flying wings (if the CofG is a bit too far forward for stability) don't have a stabiliser so presumably the Elevons have to serve the decalage function by being set slightly up, BUT then that causes problems when inverted, say during a roll, because the down-elevator (relative to the plane) is doing virtually nothing at the point of inversion WHILE the up-elevator is encouraging the nose-heavy plane towards the ground. Paul Naton has helped me a lot in understanding this but...

Whilst I have been trying to enjoy your recent content I am continuing to worry that you are showing signs of neglecting your opportunities as educators, so perhaps FT should take a crack at it ???