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StaggerBee - Scratchbuild foamy


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I drew out these plans and built the plane years ago. It would be great to see it transformed into a swappable.
Sadly my control layout was less than favorable and it took off slightly tail heavy. It is no longer around.

I love the Lazy Bee series, do not see it much these days.

This flies on all 4 channels, including a full flying rudder.

sb-teaser2-s.jpg sb-teaser3-s.jpg sb-teaser-s.jpg sb-wheelpants2.JPG sb-wheelpants3-s.jpg staggerbee_20-plan-v2s.jpg View attachment StaggerBee-20inch-v2.pdf
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That's gorgeous! I love the design of the stagger bee. Sorry it isn't around anymore, it's a real shame when something that looks like that goes in....

What did you make it out of?


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This was made out of dollar store foam, the stresses where very lite so I used wood for supports and spars. I used paperless foam so i made the curve of the nose out of strips of foam and filler then sanded it down. Would be much easier to use poster board.
After watching the build techniques of FliteTest, I may remake the plans following their better build styles. (unless someone beats me to it!)
It was very beautiful, I still have those wheels around somewhere. I found this ( View attachment Stagger Bee Manual.pdf ) which are the build notes and instructions for the original balsa model. Some great history and deeper look unto airframe.

My first experience with RC was when I was a kid, I used to ditch out of church across the street to a park where a guy would fly it around. He got it off the ground and handed me the sticks. It was a large 4 stroke Lazy Bee, very slow, very mellow, a great trainer.


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Internal stuff

The local dollar store sold foam without paper, sadly they no longer do. But with the build techniques in here I think paper on the foam will be just fine.
I used a lower KV motor and 5gram servos if i remember right. It is a pretty light plane and does not need much push to get off the ground. Something in the 20-24 gram size with a 6 or 7 inch prop

1200-1500 kv motor w/6-7 inch prop
3 5gram servos
610 2s lipo

A bit of nose weight will help too.