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Started flying, what fun


Junior Member
Hi Everyone, good to be on this forum. I'm here in the Portland OR trying to get this flying thing down...

Real quick about my experience with planes is that I started with the Champ, moved to the Radian Pro and finally have a SU-26. I made a mistake purchasing the Radian as the plane doesn't fit my flying style. I'm pleased with the SU-26 so far and find the ailerons challenging. I'm taxiing in the wide streets around us and am trying to control the plane at less than 5 ft.

Please pass along a local Portland OR flying range if you know of one that is open to foamies. I'm looking for a group of laid back people that I can learn from and have a great time sharing this hobby.


New member
Welcome to the forum. Check this club page out. On page 9 there is a listing of clubs for Oregon.
If ever I was to be evicted from paradise, Portland would be on my list of places to live.
Good luck in your search.