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Started out building balsa gliders and then...


New member
I decided to build more complicated balsa builds, which were designed for RC. But never really thought of doing RC. And then built one and realized that I really didn't want to destroy it in a crash. So then I decided to build the tiny trainer, and hoping to have our maiden flight in a few days.
My big question - we have realflight 8, and will be flying a tiny trainer (3 channel version). My 7 year old son and I have a deal that we both have to get good at flying the simulator before going to the real thing. But I can't figure out how to just use three channels in the simulator. Does anyone know of a 3 channel plane on realflight? Or how to disable a channel?


New member
I think I did that - I set the deviation for the aelerons to 0 (or maybe that isn't the term for it). Essentially disabled that control. Now it is a virtual 3 channel.

Jackson T

Elite member
What kind of balsa gliders have you built? They aren't as forgiving as foam in a crash, but are normally very stable and slow, making a gentle flyer. I built a balsa free flight 140cm chuck glider and then converted to rc, and it flies awesome! I wrote an article on it here. After you get comfortable with your tiny trainer, you could have a go at one of your gliders. Mine flew really nice, and I get 35 minutes or so flight time on an 800mah 3s with the F pack even though it is more than twice the size of the mighty minis! You do have to look out for the strong pitch up when you add power though.