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Hi, my name is Manav and I'm 15. I have had multiroders in the past and have always wanted to make my own. I don't have any parts but I have a big enough budget to buy one or two. Since I was six the only thing I've asked for my birthday was a form of multiroder but I haven't gotten what I expected. I was fantasizing about what it would feel like to have a racing quad a couple years ago and came across flight test. I immediately fell in love and have watched every video(including most of the build videos). I introduced it to my friends and they also want to have one. I asked at school and we have enough people to start a club. We have access to a 3D printer to build frames if necessary. Currently, I am asking for enough parts to get 2 or 3 in the air so we may get a count and get more people interested. We have a big enough field at school to race quads we are just missing motors, blades, etc. If you have anything laying around please contact me so I may at least get a start. Thank you.
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Welcome to Flite Test mate.

I suggest you get together with the school as you have to have permission for a club like that. Get a teacher to back you and get the STEM version of AMA to make it easier to present to the school as you will have insurance in place at the start. Then you can apply to AMA, FT and other places for STEM grants. If you are serious and have the people in place already that is your best most beneficial way into a club then waiting for pieces and parts enough to build things.

I am not pushing you away from this but if you are trying for a club level and not just personal use you would be better forming an official club and building from that rather then asking and waiting for donations for more then the odd part here and there.


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That was a maybe

currently, I am looking for a quad fo my self and my plan was to learn more about it so I can help others I have a teacher that may be interested but he's not shure. I dont have an official club setup but it was going to be something that if people have one they can come fly or just watch. I was going to ask about the stem program and we already have one for something else so they probably arent Interested