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Stepping Up Their Game

Yes I was pretty impressed with this one. This sort of build could make a practical UAV platform too, and I hope the thick foam makes it to Canada (seeing how the waterproof brown foam is yet to do so). Having it white instead of brown is really nice and makes for easy, attractive color schemes without painting the whole thing.

It also looks like that thick foam comes in larger sheets as there were some pretty big single sections. Hey Adams, can we get that stuff shipped out to Dollar Tree too?

The truck hit pretty hard but those things have good suspension. Pretty cool.
+1 to getting the New adams board in local stores... (but I doubt it.)
Agreed on that. It really doesn't have a purpose other than to build RC Planes. I just don't see a reason every Dollar Tree would stock it. They might could order it, though...:)
Did you see the B-17?...
NO! I completely missed it! Going to have to re-watch and see what they've got up their sleeves. Their usual MO is for the producer to make sure that interesting (and often upcoming) builds are in the background when they do their vids. I've got to go back and look for that! How cool would that be?! :D


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Holy cow, what do you do, analyze these videos? Yep I saw it. Barely. Once you mentioned it. It's all rounded. Master Series is my thought. And it was... Beautiful. :)
Yes... And yes. :p

They are killing me... I mean it's not like I don't already have a HUGE backlog on my build list... now this!
I'm going to have to rent a Uhaul trailer from Flite Fest!!... ....:unsure:

You know... At first I was joking... But that might not be a bad idea!... :LOL:
(Oh, right, I've got the pop-up camper...) Darn.
If shipping is as "cheap" as the shipping for the current foam board it's not gonna change much. Unless you live right next door it's gonna cost an arm and a leg to get the thicker foam.
I'm a confessed Fanboy. Let's get that out of the way. What you're talking about is shipping a box that is Thirty inches by Twenty inches by Twelve inches. There is no doubt in my mind that if you find a cheaper way to ship it and show them? They will adopt it on the spot.

Unfortunately, it costs a bundle to ship. I won't be getting any, anytime soon. Thankfully I've got a DollarTree 20 minutes away and I can still keep flying and crashing and rebuilding! :p

Edit: I made corrections because I had the approximate size wrong. :oops:
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