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Noticed there's not alot of balsa planes in here so I thought I would add my first "scratch build" in here. It has a balsa fuse with and old foam Island hopper wing. Wanted to keep it simple so the ugly stick style was pretty much copied. Was a bit of an experiment which went surprisingly well. So the plan now is to scale it up a bit and do a built up symmetrical balsa wing as well.

Some pics.


It weighs 600g all up, and the power setup is kinda mis-matched left overs. Turnigy 2830, 15A tower pro esc, 1300 3 cell. The wing is about 920mm span. I built it as a cheap trainer/hack for a mate. It flies pretty good. Fuse is laser cut balsa and ply covered with laminating film (which was the best discovery ever!), and painted in "Learner" yellow.
Next one will be 1150 WS with built up symmetrical wing and bigger power. Can't wait to see how that flies!


More combat please...
A friend of mine here has one at his school. He's an educator and has one for their tech/shop program. Sounds like your school needs to get one :cool:

I think Chad's got one.
I think he ought to start selling laser cut parts for the scratch build series!
Firewalls, landing gear supports etc.