Still up a tree


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Day 150: NOT Still Up A Tree! I went out Friday and yesterday but it was to stinking cold for a trek in the snow. Today, low and behold, it's hanging by the rear prop only ten feet off the ground. The front gear and steering box are buried under the snow, but that's for another day. I'll be interested to see what works and what doesn't. The battery is toast. The ESCs? I'll test them but I'll never trust them in a plane. The motors are probably good as long as there's no rust inside.

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The only rational thing to do is fly this plane again...
All In Favor of seeing this plane fly again say "aye"
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The only rational thing to do is fly this plane again...
All I. Favour of seeing this plane fly again say "aye"
Totally fixable. AYE. At least flyable enough to get back home (in the tree)

Poor thing probly feels like a fish out of water at this point.
Maybe cheaper electronics this time.(or none and a slingshot):censored:


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Ive got a emax tinyhawk 2 freestyle at the top of a 40ft cypress tree that aint never gonna come down unless the whole tree comes with it its been up there for over a year now... I had some dvr but lost it with the sd card so no documentation
Is this it?



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Sorry @Mr NCT I have informed my mate John that I no longer want the DR1 it's not the plane for me.
I want one of these instead, it was my wifes suggestion I got myself a Cougar :)


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A cougar couldn't handle me, my wife can't now and neither could my first wife. There is more to life than money there is building and flying RC planes, women beware never come between a man and his hobby.

The beast ;)
Besides the only Cougar I am interested in is the nitro powered type :love:.


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No need to by one. Take a couple of sheets of foam board and a couple of hours and make one šŸ˜€
No thanks, I want to build first: A Mk2 Bushwacker, a second Spitfire and another Scout I can deck out in British colours and if I have foamboard left over a bloody Baron.


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Being honest here it's quite scary. I didn't realised until just, James Mcavoy and I actually do look alike :eek:. The difference is James can grow his hair back, Where I am stuck looking like that all the time.
Plus the only time I have that expression on my face, is when when I am badly constipated :poop:.