stock market


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i dont know much about how the market is right now because I follow crypto becausedue to my age I cant invest in forex or shares yet


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Hello. Since the Omertkan market is a pretty good asset in itself, the S&P500 (SPY) index has been growing at 10% per annum for 200 years. Of course, this is not a super-profit, but it is a conservative investment option. If you are a fan of more aggressive investing, you can try the crypto market.


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Two comments: the S&P has been growing at an  average of 10%. I can recall losing my shirt a couple times, 1970 something and late '80s.......almost caught me during pandemic.

Bitcoin like all risky investments: only purchase what you can afford to throw away. Had I thought it was worthwhile, I would have bought in at 10¢ a coin.


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I've had reasonable success with the stock market. You have to look at it as a very long-term investment. I put in something like £12,000 via I get $100 instantly in 2001. Since then, I've taken out £12,000 twice and i still have £17,000 worth of shares in the account. I bet mainly on the shares that pay the highest dividend, but I have about 25% invested in companies that I think have a chance of growing. One important thing I learnt the hard way: do not take any notice of what's recommended in the investment columns. In many cases, the companies are in trouble and the big investors want to sell their shares. They can only do that if they have buyers. It can be a good sign when directors of the company are buying shares in it, but you have to follow carefully to make sure it's not a trick.

The whole thing is a bit of a game. Don't put your life savings in, but if you have spare cash, it's a pretty good long-term bet.
I am doing stock market just to have fun. I am not trying to earn dozen of dollars via market all I am doing is just having fun and relaxing while I am investing into something.