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Stoneblueairlines Flying circus fpv fest


Junior Member
Stone Blue Airlines Presents The Flying Circus FPV Festival.

Dates: OCT 10-11-12

Friday: Arrival & Open Flying

Saturday: Events & Open flying

Sunday: Open Flying

Where: Wise VA at Lonesome Pine Airport. See the flying location

Cost: $30 will include T-shirt and pilot fee.

Prizes: from SBA, VAS, Xhover & Sweepwings just to name a few.


Camping: On site camping with RV or tents is welcome.

Hotel: Best Western is offering event rates of $71.99 per night just reference the group "Fly-In" to reserve a room. The rate is good from Oct 9 - Oct 12.
Reservations must be made by September 25 in order to be assured a room at the rate.

Full Scale: Full scale pilots are welcome to fly in to the event.

We will offer great FPV flying, FPV racing in both planes & quads.

LOS planes are also welcome. Come have fun and meet new friends.

Food: Friday night all pilots are encoraged to grab dinner at the hangar restaurant and to get all the info on the event.

Support a great local business - The Hangar Bar and Grill

Location of The Hangar Bar and Grill

The airport is a big supporter of our hobby, FPV & the positive use of UAV's.

VAS Games & Prizes:

Can drop - Prize: VAS Specter V3

In order to win this you must knock a soda can off of a Specter box without crashing your aircraft. Emergency landings due to broken props are ok.

Pylon racing: Winner - VAS Helical, Crosshair, or Blue beam Ultra set (Your choice)

Pylon racing will be head to head. Winner will have choice of antenna as a prize.

Obstacle race course - Winner gets a prize to be determined (depends on how hard I make this).
Best navigation through an obstacle course. This will include objects to knock over and possibly some holes to fly through.