Storage and transport (not batteries)


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Podcast: Storage and transport (not batteries)

Worth starting off that I am a complete newbie. I own a ultra micro multi-rotor (Hubsan X4) and that is all. Getting very interested in the fixed wing world but concerned about the storage and transport of the planes - I see lots of threads, videos and podcasts talking about batteries (I understand why) but nothing about the planes.

Are there good practices or no-nos that I should be aware of? Can't imagine just throwing them in the trunk or just leaving on a workbench waiting to fly. What should I be aware of when purchasing a new plane in regards to storage and transporting to a fly destination?

Recommend for podcast just for the level of detail and examples by the guys...but a short video example would b awesome too.

Thanks for helping evangelize the hobby and making it seem so achievable for us all.

Hattsoff (Jason Hatt)
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