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Storch family fun

First of all thanks to everyone at flight test for your inspiration and free plans. Here are just a few pics of us trying to squeeze in some flight time. I have been working so much I haven't had time to spend with the family. Let alone something everyone enjoys. We had a blast even if it was only an hour. Much more to come. I have 8 flight test plans built and ready to fly. We can't wait to get to them.



Staff member
Great Memories!

Guys, that is AWESOME!! We love to see families flying together even when times get busy! So, cool that family is a priority and what a cool experience to have as a memory together! ;)
Can't wait to see more pics and planes in the future and We hope that you get the chance to fly all of them!! ;)

Many blessings and HAPPY FLYING!!

Family fun

Thank you so much. It is your show that showed me it can be very affordable to get into the hobby. I love building as much as flying and my boys took to it like pros. I am so proud of them.
On another note planes I have built are old crow,ft ripslinger x3 one is made into a bf 109,ft mustangx2, ft storch x4,and rounded fuselage f4u corsair. Most are fully loaded and ready to fly
And they will. Thank you guys so much. Maybe we can make it to flight fest sometime.
The boys are taking to it great and love it. In the last video I may have caused my son to crash so I had to mess with him.lol it was an easy fix. He needed a power upgrade anyway.