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Storch with no dihedral?


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I am in the middle of scratch building my wing and I noticed I did not have a gap in between the two halves like Josh mentions in the video for Dihedral angle. I am going to attempt to flex the wing without the gap and see what happens. But, what if it was built with no dihedral? Would it skid allot in turns, would it fly inverted better? What would happen???? I need a fast answer cus I'm getting close to that point of no return...

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Fold the wing, then cut the notch out of the top. Shouldn't be too hard to free-hand in a few degrees worth of gap.


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It worked!

It bent with no problem and I think it is even stronger with no gap there. I actually made the gap with the hot glue gun while injecting glue into the seem. I also put a Popsicle stick in-between the spars to reinforce the area a little bit. I learned from my first Storch to make this area strong...

Yes, there is a Tundra back there just waiting it's turn to fly....once I get good enough...



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I noticed that I made my wing kind of tight and the bottom leading edge came up at an angle under the wing spar. It is perfect all the way across, but I wonder what it will do to the flight characteristics? I am thinking it should be OK, but may affect elevator trim the first couple times out until I get it trimmed out correctly?



See the old Storch under-wing section is nice and straight...

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I doubt it will do much to your elevator trim, but there's only one way to find out.

It will probably have better inverted performance. I doubt you'll notice much else though.