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Store Advice Wanted


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So, I'm planning on putting an order in; DX7s with AR8000 and a Champ. So there are a few different online stores that can offer these items at the same price. What I am interested in is who ships how, how long their shipping and warehouse takes, who has the better customer service, etc.

I know Flite test is sponsored, so no sucking up...just nonbiased advice please!!


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Well I don't know where you live but in Ohio, when I order stuff from Hobby-Lobhy and Horizon Hobby, it comes in 2 days!


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I live in Canada, but I'm on a border town and have a PO Box in Washington. I guess the more important question then is how do they ship? USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex??? Some won't deliver to PO Boxes.

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Brian fred carr

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Shop about online and you will get the best deal, all you need is patience ( I have none ) I always shop on comparison sites and when I have found it as cheap as I can I let the present Mrs Carr have a go and she always finds it cheaper