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store.Flitetest.com unavailable

Hi guys,

I purchased some stuff from your store last week and was trying to see if you have the tricopter engine mounts in stock yet. My PC is not resolving shop.flitetest.com . It appears your DNS record for sub-domain shop.flitetest.com are missing.

First time posting, hope you guys get it sorted soon. Love your show and what you guys are doing. You guy have made me pick up the sticks again and give RC Flight another go, so thank you. :)

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It's been down a couple times this morning and I have a few different ideas why...

1) They're doing repairs. It's Sunday, nothing ships on a Sunday, so today would be the best day for customers to not be able to gain access to the site.

2) It's the weekend, before a holiday in the US. Lots of people are shopping to buy some last minute toys to either build or repair aircraft, and it's bogged down the server.

3) Patrick (earthsciteach) did it. I tend to blame him for everything, why should this be an exception?


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Yeah, my vote is for number 3! It is back up right now but you might be right on the maintenance aspect. DNS errors are usually server related rather than traffic I think.