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Hi Guys, like the idea of your kit set for the swappable series, I actually went through to order a kit plus some decals, but then I came to the cost for shipping to New Zealand, $49 via USUPS, more than the price of the kit and stickers together. So I backed out. That is a shame, I am not in a great hurry to get the kit, so 6 to 10 days for delivery is not important. Is it possible to find another, cheaper method of posting for overseas customers, please.



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Shipping out of the US is very expensive for us down here. Always has been. It's not FT's fault.

China, Hong Kong and other countries have cheap, even subsidised shipping which is what we are used to (spoilt).


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I was going to buy one just for the fun of it, I had the bucks available but then shipping came in at a whopping $41. As much as it's not FT's fault, it's still unfair.

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Maybe FT needs to use their connections at Hobby King to get a bunch of their kits on the HK website and in the HK warehouses. They've created a lot of business for Hobby King, so maybe HK should return the favor.
I considered buying one and having them donate it. But then THEY'd get shipping costs and lose any profit that they're there for.

Also their darn shirts don't come in triple extra Fat-n-Tall boy. Little dis-appointed there.

Plus its V-day and with Three women in my life, I'm outta cash. Darn 4 year olds are almost as expensive as the 24 and the 49 year olds are.
So guys, how often do you make it out to the schools for your demos as shown in the video? CAN we make a school contribution that way and since you want to give us value for your money, maybe 4 stickers in an envelope coming our way?

Hey, if you make it a special school program, you could put a mortar board on the gremlins in the stickers.

Along that line, the FT Flyer looks like it would make a decent chuck glider. Balast it for no gear, Rubber band around the fuse behind the servo location to hold pushrods at a set position for trimming. Leave the landing gear off. Not quite a HLG that's looking to DT but more durable.
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Shipping is what shipping is. Let's not forget that this is funding something we all love, Flitetest. The guys have a great idea and we know that the kits will be quality and you get something fun to build and fly and we get more of a show we love. Shipping is a bit high but you just budget for it and move on and enjoy a good product and the knowledge you helped out.

As far as the shirts go, I also would like to see bigger sizes.
1 lazer cutter and what??? 5-6 employees??? NO way they need to get in bed with HK again....they couldn't keep up, I agree FT needs to see alittle ROI but don't want priorities to get skewed.....top notch production and content first and foremost....lazer cutting kits only to subsidize the former.
Like many others too would like (for medical equipment reasons) a 4X size shirt.

When asked what 4X ment, I responded that it did not mean XXXX large, but XXXX loveable (much more love to give and get).