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Straight Scout Mod

This is a Modification to the original Ft Scout plans that an engineer friend of mine made, where all of the curves have been changed to straight lines. It makes for a much faster build.

As far as i can tell it flies just as wonderfully as the original Scout. If there is any interest I can probably get him to post the plans though I think he is planning on making the nose a little longer for balance.

Straight Scout.jpg
I have at times thought about building a Scout with more contemporary wing and tail styling, i.e., lose the batwing. But then I guess it is a love-hate thing. Someday I might also do a little redesign.

I just built a 4 channel mini scout and flew it yesterday. Love this design, and I love flying both the mini and full size versions.

I like the tail redesign in the pic above. The pointy wing tips are a matter of preference.

I noticed little or no dihedral. How did this change the flight characteristics?
There is some loss of stability if your aircraft isn't balanced properly wing to wing. What you do gain is a more aesthetically pleasing aileron roll and better inverted ability.
Good to know. I am currently modding a scout design that will do some reshaping of the wing tips. I am learning the aerodynamics as I go!