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Streamer Combat with a Twist.

My pilot friend though of a Crazy upgrade from the familiar Streamer combat everyone knows , where planes try to cut each others streamers.

this time they decided to go with a twist. Multirotors. what makes it extremely difficult and funny is try not to cut your own streamer.

what to see what you guys make of it?


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This is not the first time this has come up here in FT forums. someone else brought it up not to long ago. I will say the same thing here I did in that one. Fun as it sounds I don't think I will be doing this.

Air planes can glide when their motors stop should a streamer get wrapped around its propeller. Quad copters can not. For that alone I would not be jeopardizing my gear to play aerial tag.

A thing that has been brought up as well is to adapt a laser tag system to quads for aerial battles and I had thought that through as well and have several methods to do it. All of which are very costly using existing systems. A DIY laser tag system can be done effectively and cheaply but I think the fun would die off quickly seeing how accurate you would have to be with a fixed mounted "Weapon" vs something with a targeting mechanism. This too can be done but the sacrifice for weight and power use again kind of puts a damper on this as well.
Ya , the last one he did was even dumber. bottle knocking game where the fastest quad to tip all the bottles win. its a time game. unfortunately till I realize those bottles are filled with water. wreak two props on one of my multirotor and rip the propguard off my other one. unfortunately the other guy ruins his gimbal in this.
That is why I leave all the shenanigans to the FT team. They haz better budgets for stuff like this.
Build , Fly , Crash , Repeat.....

@ Keno :

we did that at our field . where multirotors and fixwings share the same airspace at one time and its Mayhem. with 30% - 60% chance of mid air


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What did you use for streamers that the props were able to get clogged by them? I am planning on doing some LOS with Crepe Paper out at the field.....



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It was crepe paper. What you pack in you pack out I believe fits. Although crepe paper compost rather rapidly. Better than those miler (sp) balloons you see flying around, wondering how long it will take for them to disappear from this earth.