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Streamer knots

I kind of want to see if you guys can put streamers on your planes, and tie knots, or a knot in the streamer. That would be sooooo cool, I don't know if it's an easy deal or people do it all the time or not, but if it's a new idea, I wanna see it done by you guys.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
If you had a 3D plane and a long streamer I could see doing it. Wouldn't really be easy though. Not the first time anyway. I wonder how many times you cut your own streamer before you get it lol.
A knife edge loop followed by a quick back flip might do it if you're streamer's long enough. Or maybe just a tight loop and then a barrel roll?

It does sound like a fun challenge.
I got the idea when they did the vertical drag race if I remember right, and Josh Bixler says something along the lines of "We're really tying knots with these things!" That got me thinkin' could you actually tie a knot with a streamer attached to your aircraft?


Senior Member
You might even suspect they'd planned to live up to your challenge (given the huge roll of streamer David dropped when launching) :)


Actual Pilot, RC Idiot
I have to try this! Shouldn't be too difficult if you have a long enough streamer and large throws. An FT 3D or a Spitfire would do it quite nicely I'm guessing.