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Suggestion for a future project video: MV-261 Orca

I'm not a megafan of video games (I have real-life RC to have fun with instead), but I do enjoy them every now and then, especially when they involve cool aviation. Considering that Overwatch 2 has just been announced, I think it would be appropriate to make a flying version of the MV-261 Orca, a rotund combat dropship that the game uses as a spawn room. The opportunity to make a giant version is appealing, but considering that this lunker has more belly area than wing area, that might be impossible. The most viable solution that I can imagine is to make a foamboard body on a large quad frame with the rear motors elevated. Assuming that it flies, maybe you could drop some stuff from it? I personally know a lot of nerds who would love to see this thing in real life. I put the links to the Wiki page and an official video that shows this plane in action below. Challenge accepted?

that would be awesome! do you think that would be possible as a multirotor? or I suppose a profile plane type design would be cool too!
I think that the multirotor route is the only way unless you wanna do some weird lifting-body design, this thing has little to no lift area. As for making it profile, that might make it look less like it really does, i.e. round.