Suggestions and advice for good newb slow-flyer(Delta Yak?)


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After a lot of struggle trying to learn to fly and scratch build my own designs at the same time, I've decided to drop back and go an easier route, until I've learned enough about building and flying to really tackle my more ambitious projects. Part of what influenced my decision was buying a ready to fly rc plane, a small Hobby Zone trojan with safe technology beginner mode. Its a decent little plane, and I'll review it in detail some time. Flying this not only showed me where my skill level is at(not much), it also gave me a feel for fixed wing rc, which helped me decide the direction I want to start in foamboard building. I want to start with something fairly easy to build, preferably from a plan, though I am much less stubborn about considering a speed build kit.

What I'm going to want is a plane that flies very slow, but has a big flite envelope; responsive controls, good stability, agile maneuverability, easy to fly, and flies good at many angles of attack and maneuvers. Something forgiving and hard to crash/easy to correct. I already have one in mind that I'll share, and I'm leaning heavily towards. I'd like to know if anybody has tried it or something similar:
big bonus for being a delta wing. Another one I'm considering is the FT Flyer. I'd like to hear any experience or suggestions that anyone here has for a good, easy slow flyer build to learn on, bonus points for 3d flying capability.


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Slow, easy to fly, and 3d do not go together under the 67" size. As you get bigger tho that all changes. I have handed the sticks over to fairly inexperienced pilots on my 85" AJ ARS 300. And I a buddy who did the same with his 89" yak. The newbie did very well. Yet I find sometimes my 52" slick which is very dialed in starts to fly me instead of me flying it.

Start with something you can bang around, learn the basics, then graduate to sport aerobatics with. I vote ft explorer. Easy to build, with some sort of wing spar on the sport wing (I used a couple of bbq skewers) it can do all basic sport aerobatics. From there get into a low wing like a spitfire or mig-3, start learning how to fly faster (I am considered fairly experienced, yet I crashed a mig-3 from pilot error a few days ago). From there, get a good 3d bird if you want to fly that style. I will know when the snow leaves how well the ft edge performs, but for now I would suggest something bouncy, foamy, but well designed like an eflite night visionaire (which I love to fly 3d in the dead dark of night at events)

Hope these insights help, I train a lot of new/nervous pilots in our club, these are the things I have found work well for most.

Good luck!


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check out 'the Fish' on youtube - super slow easy flier with an under cambered wing - I made one as my first plane! Maybe after that make the tiny trainer!

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