Suggestions for best 3d package for drawing accurate Curved Fuselage Panels and any user tips as well.

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I am trying to find a Package to create the 2d cut out shapes that can then be curved to make fuselage panels.
I have found some already made ones with cut out formers included but they aren’t very accurate when scaled up

Using 3D drawings

I can draw accurate formers using the elevation plans and I know the overall dimensions of these pieces.
so is it possible to make the 2d shapes that can then be bent to make the fuselage pieces?

Can anyone help or point me to a thread where someone has done this already

Thanks in advance


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There’s lots of Fusion 360 tutorials on YouTube.
I use pen and paper when I make curved metal parts, faster than learning some computer program. Make it in free box card first, then you transfer it to your medium of choice. Keep and label the template, job done.