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Summer Balsa Glider Build Off

Let’s start something new. The challenge I give is a summer glider balsa build.

The rules are simple

The plane’s structure must be made out of balsa

The plane must be built between now and the end of September

The plan needs to be made before 1980

The plane must be unpowered meaning it must be hi started or towed

You need to add an element that is not in the original plans ( example: flaps, spoilers, and so on)

Your build process must be documented and put in this thread

A poll will be taken at the end of September to see which submission is the best.

The prize is you will have a balsa glider you can show off to all of your buddies and a lot of fun.
With all the time I have had on my hands, I have finished construction of the main fuse. I decided that the two halves of the pod would be able to come apart to have access to everything inside. None of the electronics are glued down so I can change them out if I need to later.