Sunfounder Clutch SG90


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Ok, I've had too much coffee today so I'll make this my last post this morning. I just ordered a dozen Sunfounder Digital SG90s with clutch gears. I've never used these guys and I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with them on fixed wing aircraft. I love the idea of popping the clutch vs stripping gears (I'm notorious of bumping elevators/rudders in the shop) and I've been through about a dozen blue gems this year alone. My only concern of course is the clutch popping on a heavier plane under positives Gs. From the video I watched, it appears they go right back into place once the clutch releases, so worst case you'll get a ripple effect of the servo trying to push past the clutch, releasing, and trying again. Of course there is no way to prove anything without testing.
If anyone has any experience with these, would you mind letting me know your thoughts? These may wind up in my 1/2 a rigs if the clutches are too weak. Plus I like the white casing!