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suns out lets fly !!


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morning all ...suns out but its a little windy ...but i had to fly ...took out the glider3 (modded mix of the simple soarer fuselage and a different wing) ...but had to fly the glider ...mistake !! #landed !!! turning back into the wind after a nice launch she dropped a wing and i over compensated with elevator.. resulted in a massive loop and she would not pull out of it ..lawn darted !! only damage was a stripped servo and pod moun,t but that put paid to any more flying ..spent the last hour on repairs ,so she ready for when the wind drops a bit .
on the bright side ..wing proved to be more robust than i thought it would be !!!



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Wind is heading to 50mph gusts here right now! Sun is out and tomorrow it drops to 15mph in the golden hour...
Good luck with the repairs.