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Super Cheap Cessna

Time to build a cowl

I was at walmart and I saw a fiber glass repair kit for fourteen bucks, so I bought it. I am going give fiber glassing a try and hopefully make a nice cowl for the Cessna, hopefully.
IMG_1959 (600x800).jpg
I read some were about using foam for the mold. After you fiber glass the foam mold, you dissolve the foam with acetone and your left with a fiberglass cowl. It sounds simple enough. I will make sure to take pics.:cool:
I just finished the cowl it still needs paint. For my first try it looks okay. Here are the building pics, enjoy.

IMG_1960 (600x800).jpg
marking the foam mold
IMG_1961 (800x600).jpg
cutting it with the hot wire
IMG_1966 (800x600).jpg
fiber glassing the mold
IMG_1964 (800x600).jpg
more fiber glassing
IMG_1967 (800x600).jpg
foam mold dissolved
IMG_1968 (800x600).jpg
testing the cowl
IMG_1969 (800x600).jpg
just need paint:D
IMG_1971 (800x600).jpg
IMG_1970 (600x800).jpg
That's awesome. I've got 3 weed eater motors down the shed that I've been wondering what to do with. I'd always thought they would be too heavy. Time to have a look at some of those plans.


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How do you keep the sand bound for sand casting. That has always been mysterious to me.
A bit late in my reply but:

Old way was motor oil and sand and as you can imaging it was a smoking mess when the hot metal hit it. I prefer investment casting with plaster but the plug has to be burned out of the mold either before (more difficult to burn out plug material) or during casting (lost foam).

I am wondering why you inverted the engine? The weedeaters I fly are vertical. Seems super cool though! What kind of pistons did you use to increase compression? I wanna add some power to my 25cc :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p I wanna make it hover!! hahaha

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I am wondering why you inverted the engine? The weedeaters I fly are vertical.
That's the correct engine position for that model. Most gas engine'd planes position the cylinder pointing down. If the cylinder was pointing up he'd have to cut a nasty hole in the top of his cowl. Also this points the exhaust downward, too.


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First of all, this is really cool! I noticed you were using a stock 9X Tx/Rx setup. Not to "rain on the parade" but I didn't think it was recommended to use this Tx/Rx setup on gassers like this. Am I wrong? I use the same Tx/Rx (6 channel version) setup on my planes, but I believe the lack of failsafe in its stock configuration was one of the reasons for this recommendation.
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