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Super Cub EP 80in ARF Gas converted to 26cc

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Power and large throws=hovering cub. It's way fun to do it when you know cubs aren't supposed to lol.

Looks like a great model. I've been considering converting my 77" cub to gas, but I think I'd go with a 15 or 20cc. I'm pretty settled on four stroke nitro just for ease though. I was worried about the weight of the 26cc.
the 26cc was waaaaaay too much for it, and he recognize that ... by the time he bought it wasnt available the smaller sizes.

he had to do some major reinforcement on the fuselage and motor mounts.

You are right on the spot with the 15 or 20cc, maybe even a 9cc would do it.
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There are lots of insane cubs out there.
Does not need gas to be powerful.

Or just crazy flying.