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Super detailed Spitfire Build


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So when deciding to build the FT Spitfire, I thought maybe it could do with some extra detaining. I mean don't get me wrong, it looks totally awesome already, and I have seen so many fantastic builds, but I feel like doing things with those few extra elements. I am personally building a 1938 early pre-war Spitfire, one from one of the very first Spitfire squadrons in England.

So, here is what I have done so far:

This is the cockpit being assembled, complete with seatbelt/harnesses.


And here are the lovely curvy bits that attach the wing to the fuselage.


The cockpit sides just made of poster board. Bit of a patchworky job.


And here is the main airframe almost finished. All the electronics are installed too. You can see the radio mast here.


Since these images were taken I have also built the exhaust stacks and attached them.

I am writing an article at the moment for the main Flitetest site, but for now, I would love to hear what you think about my new project - I haven't really shown it to many people yet haha. Any tips for flying it would be greatly appreciated too. 'Don't want to crash it straight away!

Oh and greetings from the UK.

Best Wishes,



Project Air on YouTube
Thank you for the comments guys! Oatman - yeah I'm looking forward to painting it too haha. Jaxx - I just used normal foam board, the equivalent of Dollar Tree foam board here in the UK.


Project Air on YouTube
Thanks :) Yeah sorry I forgot to say where I got the canopy from. Its actually taken off my old Parkzone Spitfire, the really old brushed one. I never got that thing to fly properly... You can probably still get them, or the equivalent for the new Parkzone Spitfire Mk V.


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Thank you Flynn!

A quick update - I'm just waiting for an order from Hobbyking to arrive with my spinner and some other stuff. I have the paint at the ready, so the aircraft should be ready for flight in a week. :)



Project Air on YouTube
So today the final supplies from Hobbyking came, so I have just put the spinner on.
Looks good, although my modification to the turtleneck turns out do be a bit of a mistake as now it doesn't fit around the spinner so well. So, I'm going to cut it in two places and glue it so it makes a curve like David's original. I think I may put some filler around the cuts after so its all smooth. Next step, some paint.


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Today I made some progress with more details - the tail wheel, and the trimming rods.

So this is the paper cut outs that go over the ailerons. They should hopefully give the impression of wing ribs under canvas when painted, like the ones on the very early Spitfires.
And here is one glued down
The tail wheel I thought would be a nice addition to the aircraft as they were non retractable on these MK1 Spitfires. Its just made of Balsa and a single super cub wheel. Easy.
The impression of trimming rods under the canvas were made from just sticks of balsa.
I would love to hear what you think of this so far :)
Best wishes,
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I think most of us are speechless! It's fantastic the attention to detail you are putting into this one. Are you going to be afraid to fly it when you are done?


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Thank you, that means a great deal! Yes I probably will be a bit nervous, but I'll try and forget all the work I put into it to help :)


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Haha yeah :) Admittedly, I was thinking earlier today, I perhaps should have built a standard one first with less effort put in, just incase it crashes straight away! But yes I hear they fly like they're on rails so I'm pretty confident.
looks awesome man. This is my first post here.. feel special!!

had to support the UK arm of flite test.
i have to admit i was thinking of doing pretty much what your doing, so i might have to do something else now... if only there was a 109.....


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I feel honoured haha. Oh really? Thats cool. Maybe you could modify the plans or something. I think some people have actually done that on here to build a 109. Go for it man!